What Are Cross Training Shoes Used For?

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Exercise, no matter how laborious, is important and has a significant impact on your physical and mental well-being. Whether you exercise to keep fit or you want to lose a few pounds, wearing the correct gear is vital. Cross trainers are the ideal shoe for most athletic and sporting activities and offer the wearer excellent protection from injury, reduce strain on muscles and bone, and are comfortable. 

What are Cross Training Shoes?

Wearing the correct type of shoe while exercising can prevent injury and support the various parts of the foot. Cross training shoes are excellent exercise footwear and can be used for most exercises. 

Often referred to as a hybrid athletic shoe, they are ideal for comfort and support. 

What Are Cross Training Shoes Used For?

Cross training shoes, also called trainers, are ideal for a wide variety of exercise or athletic activities. From yoga to cycling, a good pair of cross trainers is your ultimate fitness companion. 

Let’s take a look at the various athletic activities that you can do while wearing your cross training shoes:

  • Yoga 
  • Cycling
  • Zumba and other forms of dance exercise classes
  • Various ball sports like volleyball, netball, and basketball
  • Hybrid or CrossFit training

Cross training shoes are designed to give maximum support and comfort to the wearer, protecting certain parts of the feet and preventing injury. The shoe’s unique design allows for movement in all directions and provides stability to the heel, arch, and front of the foot. The rubber sole gives the wearer extra traction and prevents slipping on smooth surfaces while giving you that extra “grip” on gravel or rough terrain. 

While cross training shoes can be used for running, they are not recommended for long-distance running. 

If you need help choosing the best cross training shoe for a specific activity or exercise, research the various available types, read reviews from customers who have purchased a specific brand or type of cross trainer, and speak to a sales representative at your local sporting goods store. These are all great methods to determine the performance of a cross training shoe and will help you make that all-important decision on which pair is best for your preferred sporting or athletic activity. 

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How to Choose the Perfect Cross Training Shoe

If you’re looking to get fit and are on the hunt for a pair of cross training shoes but haven’t the faintest idea or clue of where to start or what to look for, look no further. We have created the ultimate “How-To” guide for choosing your next pair of cross training shoes

Step 1: Choose the best fit

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of choosing a shoe. Exercise can strain your joints and muscles, and a comfortable, supportive shoe can help prevent serious injury and unnecessary strain. Always try on a few different pairs to get the best fit and see which is most comfortable. 

The best shoe will allow you to move your foot in different directions and have a gap of around a quarter of an inch between your toes and the front. Also, your heel should not slip out of the back of the shoe when taking a step. 

Step 2: Choose a shoe according to your arches

People generally have either flat or high arches. Finding a comfortable and supportive exercise shoe can be tricky, depending on your type of arch. Cross training shoes have the added benefit of having a neutral cushioning base, which is great for all arch types and support needs. 

If this is your first purchase of a pair of cross trainers and you aren’t sure about your foot type or the arch you have, you can ask a sales representative to help you get the best fit that is most comfortable for your foot type. Lightweight cross trainers are usually best. 

Step #3: Note the materials and style

Whether you prefer bright, funky patterns or a more basic, subdued look, there is a trainer for everyone. When choosing a shoe for your athletic activity, the materials it is made from and how it is constructed are equally important and can significantly affect comfort. 

Cross trainers with EVA foam rubber in the heel, mid, and forefoot support are among the best. Ensure that the soles are made of rubber for extra traction, and choose a material that will allow your feet to get fresh air, breathe, and reduce sweat build-up. Uppers made from leather are great for stability but might not be the best for sweaty feet, and a mesh upper might be more appropriate. 

Other tips:

  • Always try on cross trainers with athletic socks to get the best feel and fit. Wear a pair of socks that you would usually wear when exercising.
  • Walk around in the store with the shoe on, and flex your foot to determine how comfortable the cross trainers are. While it might look silly, do a quick jog around the store if possible. 
  • Never choose the first pair of cross trainers that you come across. Try on a few pairs and note the shoe’s materials, structure, and feel before making a final decision.


Cross training shoes are the ideal shoe to wear for many athletic and exercise activities. From basketball to cycling, a good comfortable shoe can change your workout for the better and improve your overall performance. Choosing the right cross trainer is important, with comfort and support at the forefront of your decision. Cross trainers can be used for yoga and ball sports like basketball and netball and are available at all sporting goods stores. 

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