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When it comes to classic sports shoes, many models come to mind, including the Nike Air Jordans, Adidas Stan Smith, and Nike Air Tailwind 79. But while all of these shoes have made their mark, there’s arguably no classic sports sneaker model more universally recognized and beloved than the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.

Originally introduced in the 1920s, the Chuck Taylor All Stars brought Converse to new heights. Basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor brought new enhancements to the original Converse design — enhancing the shoe’s flexibility, comfort, and style and adding the distinctive “All Star” logo to the ankle. They became the first celebrity-endorsed shoe and were soon seen being worn by basketball players across the country.

Various upgrades were brought to the Chuck Taylor All Stars through the years, but the 1970s models are the most sought after. The 70s model Chuck Taylors included more cushioning, more stability, and other functional and cosmetic enhancements that made them one of the all-time greatest sports shoes.

In 2013, Converse even released the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 to commemorate these classic shoes. They’ve also released a range of impressive new models based on their classic design, including the Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox shoes. However, some sneaker enthusiasts still prefer the vintage, made-in-USA Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.

As a buyer, you might wonder about the comparisons between Chuck Taylor All Star ’70s and the classic Chuck Taylor All Star. Here’s our review and breakdown of the best Converse sneakers.

Classic Chuck Taylor All Star Overview

The classic Chuck Taylor All Star design is still just as prominent as ever. These shoes were first designed by Converse in the 1920s, yet even today you’ll see classic Chucks being worn by athletes, celebrities, and even regular people in gyms, workplaces, and college campuses. This shows they’ve stood the test of time, and for good reason.

Classic Chucks are known for their flexibility and comfort. Compared to the Chuck ’70s, classic All Stars feel lighter and softer. They’re made using cotton canvas weighing under 12 ounces, giving these shoes a pliable, unstructured feel. Sneaker lovers often prefer these shoes for comfortable everyday use.

The classic Chuck Taylor All Star shoes also feature a harder and flatter sole compared to the Chuck Taylor All Star ’70s. Using three pieces of vulcanized rubber, this sturdier feel makes the Classic Chucks preferable for certain activities such as weightlifting. While Classic Chucks and Chuck ’70s have a similar overall design, minor differences can be noticed in the size and stitching.

The classic model of Chuck Taylor All Stars have undergone various enhancements over the years. You can now find this design in many styles and colors, including the modern Chuck Taylor All Star Core, which has become a top choice for both casual and athletic purposes. Some users also seek out vintage made-in-USA Chuck All Stars, but these are often expensive and hard to find.

Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 Overview

While the classic Chuck Taylor All Star design has stood the test of time, it has undergone all kinds of changes over the decades. In the 1970s, a new model of Chuck Taylor All Stars was introduced, featuring a thicker canvas, more cushioning, a higher rubber midsole, a smaller toe cap, and extra material stitched on the sides. 

These changes led to the 70s All Stars, often referred to as “Chuck 70s”, becoming a highly sought-after design. Many sneaker enthusiasts even seek out vintage made-in-USA Chuck Taylor All Stars from the 70s. However, modern versions of the design are also available and marketed as the Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 or even simply Converse Chuck 70.

The changes made to the Chuck Taylor All Star 70s gave the shoes more weight and stability. Although Classic Chucks are still enjoyed for their lightness and comfort, some users prefer the sturdier and more supportive feel of the Chuck 70s. With 12-ounce canvas, better arch support, and strong stitching, these shoes are still lighter than most sports shoes but feel sturdier than Classic Chucks.

Chuck 70s feature one piece of rubber at the sole instead of three pieces, making them feel less flat-footed. In addition to the sturdier sides, this makes them great for sports that require a lot of activity, including running and basketball. You may prefer the Chuck 70s over the Classics if you need a good shoe for sports, especially since this classic style has been hailed by athletes for many decades.

Chuck Taylor All Stars vs. Chuck 70s Comfort

When considering the difference between classic Chuck Taylor All Stars and Chuck Taylor All Star ’70s, comfort is one of the main concerns for buyers. Naturally, you’ll want a sports shoe that accommodates your needs while still feeling comfortable to walk around in or use in physical activities for hours.

The lighter design of Classic Chucks makes them a particularly good sports shoe for walking and everyday casual use. With light fabric and more flexibility in the upper shoe, your feet will feel comfortable throughout various activities, whereas the sturdier sole also allows for stability when it comes to physical work.

The Chuck Taylor All Stars 70s also have their perks. Despite using heavier canvas, these shoes are still incredibly light and flexible compared to other sports shoes. What’s more, many users prefer the slightly heavier feel of Chuck 70s compared to Classic Chucks as they make your feet feel more supported — especially during sporting activities.

Classic Chucks slightly win out on comfort based on their light and flexible feel. However, both models are very comfortable, and it’s worth trying both out to see which suits you best. Better yet, you might want to buy one of each. Classic Chucks and Chuck 70s are suited to different scenarios and activities, so having the choice between both is always a good option for those who enjoy Converse shoes.

Chuck Taylor All Stars vs. Chuck 70s Design

Part of what makes the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars and Chuck 70s so popular is their design. Whether you see them on the court, in the gym, or on the street, these classic sneakers are instantly recognizable thanks to their unique and recognizable aesthetics. But which looks better between the classic Chucks and Chuck 70s?

Both shoes share the same overall aesthetics, although a few minor differences set them apart. For example, the classic style features a slightly thinner sole, thinner laces, and a larger toe cap. Since it’s more flexible, classic Chucks can also look more creased after extended wear. However, this is less noticeable when the shoes are on-foot and also less noticeable with low-cut models.

Converse Chuck Taylor 70 shoes feature higher foxing, a thicker sole, thicker laces, and more stitching. These small details often go unnoticed, but they add a little to the aesthetics of the shoes. What’s more, changes such as the heavier canvas and extra stitching in the sides give the shoes more structure. Even when you’re not wearing them, the Chuck 70s look strong and sturdy.

For the most part, these differences are minor. Both models look more or less the same, although you might prefer the sturdier look of the Chuck 70s or the more traditional look of Classic Chucks, depending on your style. What’s more, both shoes are available in various colors and styles, meaning everyone can find one to suit their preferences.

Classic Chucks vs. Chuck 70s Sports Performance

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing between Chuck Taylor All Stars and Chuck 70s is the kind of performance they’ll give you. If you’re planning on using these shoes for sports, the gym, work, or even extended amounts of walking, you’ll want to choose the right shoes for your needs.

All styles of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars offer a lot of support for various physical activities, although subtle differences might mean that one style is better than another for you. For instance, the Chuck 70s are often preferred for basketball and other sports that require a lot of running and jumping due to their sturdy and supportive build.

On the other hand, the classic style of All Stars also has its perks. With a flatter sole and flexible upper, these shoes are often preferred for lifting and gym work. You might also find them more comfortable for long stretches of walking or running, as well as for daily casual use. They also work well for basketball and other sports.

Other considerations come into play. For instance, many people prefer ​models such as the Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas Unisex High-Top for basketball and other sports that require a lot of ankle support. However, for the gym, work, and daily use, you should invest in a good all-rounder, such as the Converse Chuck Taylors Low Cut.

Are Vintage Made-in-USA Chuck Taylor All Stars Better?

Although you’ll often see Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 shoes in stores today, these aren’t the same as the shoes sold in the 1970s. The same applies to other models – even the Classic Chuck Taylor All Stars aren’t quite the classic build. Not only have these shoes undergone various changes, but the brand itself experienced a huge change in the 2000s.

Before 2001, all Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers were manufactured in the United States. After this, manufacturing was outsourced to overseas factories in Vietnam and China. What’s more, the Converse brand was acquired by Nike in 2003. Although the Chucks are still as popular as ever, this makes a difference for some users.

Due to these changes, some people seek out vintage made-in-USA Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars or the original MiUSA Chuck 70s. These older models are usually worn but still stand the test of time. However, you’ll need to pay a premium if you want to buy vintage made-in-USA Chucks.

Despite changes in the brand and manufacturing, the classic style of the Chuck Taylor All Stars is still upheld today. Fans of the 1970s style can still buy modern Chuck 70s and you can find various colors and styles of classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars. These shoes are still stylish, sturdy, and built-to-last, and buying modern-day All Stars is much more affordable than chasing vintage models.

Best Chuck Taylor All Stars To Buy In 2023

The good news for Converse fans is that you’re not short on choice when it comes to buying Chuck Taylor All Stars. Not only can you choose between iconic styles such as the Classic Chucks and Chuck 70s, but these models also come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your preferences.

Getting a pair of Chuck 70s is a good choice for those who want a sturdy, reliable sports shoe. The Converse Unisex All Star ’70s High Top Sneakers are often chosen for those looking for a reliable basketball shoe, as well as for various other team sports or simply for a good-looking sports shoe that goes with all kinds of outfits.

With that said, Classic Chucks offer the same overall aesthetic but with more flexibility and arguably more comfort. You might prefer the classic Chuck Taylor All Stars for everyday casual settings. They’re also excellent for the gym, especially for lifters who want a reliable lifting shoe to beat their records.

One of the best options for all-around use is the Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox. Whether you’re walking, running, lifting, or partaking in sports, these comfortable and flexible shoes will suit all your needs. They’re also available in various colorways. Whether you’re looking for plain black work shoes, the classic black-and-white or navy-and-white style, or something more unique and colorful, there’s a suitable option for you.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are the most popular athletic shoes out there and have been for many decades. These shoes are comfortable, reliable, and will never go out of style, so everyone should buy at least one pair.

From Classic Chucks to Chuck 70s, High-Top to Low-Cut styles, many options are available. Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox shoes are one of the best overall choices today, but you might want to grab a few pairs of Chucks to ensure all your sporting and athleisure needs are covered. For more reviews and breakdowns on the best sneakers, visit Classic Sport Shoes.

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