Best Tennis Shoes for Women – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Just like with any other sport, certain equipment is key to success on the tennis courts, and one of the most important is a pair of good shoes. For those ladies looking for a perfect shoe that offers comfort and optimal performance, this piece of equipment could make a decision-making process pretty challenging. That’s why we have gathered together some of the best tennis shoes for women and written in-depth reviews below.

Comparison Chart

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ASICS Women’s Gel-Game 8 Tennis Shoes, 8.5, White/Light Indigo
31 Jah+EeZL. SL500
adidas Women’s Grand Court Tennis Shoe, White/Sandy Beige Met/Off White, 8
K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Supreme Tennis Shoe, White/Star Sapphire/Orchid Pink, 8 M
41lntQ+mBIL. SL500
New Balance Women’s FuelCell 996 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe
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Prince T22 Size 6 Blue/Mint

Tennis Shoe Reviews

ASICS Gel-Game 8

415rbE32giL. SL500

The first shoe on the list is from one of the well-known names in women’s athletic footwear and brings with it a wealth of benefits and design features to heighten the performance. 


This tennis shoe is crafted using an open mesh upper and is accented with synthetic leather overlays. It is finished with a polyurethane sole. The interior features include a TRUSSTIC technology midsole that combines an EVA foam with gel technology. These features help create a tennis shoe that is not only comfortable and durable but offers excellent stability.

This is a great choice for those looking for a nice, aesthetically pleasing tennis shoe that can double as an option for a lightweight exercise routine. The overall design offers a heightened level of grip thanks to the amazing sole and requires absolutely no break-in. 

On top of that, the interior is outfitted with a midsole that allows for improved shock absorption and materials that give the shoe excellent ventilation. Also, the overall design and materials reduce the blistering risk, which is always a nice benefit.

While it is definitely a great option for those looking for a stylish yet performing tennis shoe, there are a few issues. Though it is super comfortable, those with a wider foot may find it a little snug. This shoe tends to run a little narrow. On top of that, if the woman is looking to utilize it for exercise, the shoelaces are short, which may offer less support and snugness.


  • Shoe offers a heightened level of grip
  • Designed with features for better shock absorption
  • Utilizes materials that are breathable and lightweight
  • Overall design limits blistering
  • No need to break-in


  • Issues with the fit being too narrow
  • Some find the shoelaces to be too short

Adidas Grand Court

31 Jah+EeZL. SL500

Tennis shoes can be added to almost any outfit to give that streetwear look. These may be one of the most common options, but they are so much more than an aesthetically pleasing tennis shoe. 


This shoe has a classic retro style design and is built with a suede upper with leather-like details. Finished with the three stripes signature flash along the side, the shoe is a stylish option for any woman. Inside it is outfitted with a plush midsole that utilizes Cloudfoam. The upper itself is just one aspect of the amazing design, as the outsole is finished with a premium-grade rubber with well-designed grip patterns.

Though this shoe is definitely one that is more about the aesthetic appeal than the actual performance, it still offers many great features in that realm. The shoe itself is designed to fit snugly yet be comfortable so that there is no slippage of the shoe during any type of activity. 

On top of that, the shoe’s interior is crafted with a foam midsole and design that offers great arch support. Rounding out the features that give it performance and aesthetic appeal is the rubber outsole with an improved traction grip design. All of that is wrapped in a retro look that is very desirable to many.

Though many great features make this shoe stand out, a few things need to be considered before making any final decision. For those women out there looking for a shoe that gives them a lot of color selection to work into their wardrobe, this may not be the piece to go with. Furthermore, though it does have high-performance features, it’s not necessarily designed for anything more than a low-impact workout. 


  • Shoe is crafted to be not only comfortable but to fit snugly
  • Offers a classic style for that retro look
  • Designed with good interior features for better arch support
  • Super simple to clean
  • Rubber outsole designed for improved traction


  • Offers a limited color selection
  • Not ideal for a workout tennis shoe

K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme

This may be a great option for women out there looking for a style of tennis shoe that can be used for hard courts, clay tennis courts, or outdoor pickleball courts. Outfitted with a wealth of great features, it is an excellent investment.


The shoe uses a mixture of fabric and synthetic materials to create an aesthetically pleasing and high-performance option for women. It is crafted with lightweight and breathable mesh and utilizes several advanced technologies to ensure comfort and performance. This includes Durawrap Flex and DragGuard 7.0. It also uses an inner bootie form that utilizes a molded EVA sock liner and stay-tight laces along with seam-free construction. All of that’s rounded out with a Surge+ 7.0 midsole and a non-marking Asta 7.0 high-density rubber outsole.

This is one of those tennis shoes that can absolutely go from street to court. But the real beauty of it is the overall design and the features included that enhance the performance when on the tennis court. The shoe’s build offers enhanced ankle support which is necessary when moving from place to place during one’s match. 

On top of that, it offers a heightened level of traction and good cushioning for improved comfort. The materials are lightweight and durable, making it super easy to move. Plus, you’ll look good while you’re wearing it!

That being said, a few issues may cause some to reconsider investing their money in this model. The shoe runs a little narrow, which could be very uncomfortable for those with a wider foot. Also, if one is working with a limited budget, this may not be a great choice as the price tag is a little heavier than other options.


  • Overall design offers enhanced ankle support
  • No need to worry about grip; it is designed with heightened traction
  • Comfort is achieved through premium grade cushioning
  • Materials used in construction are lightweight and durable
  • Shoe offers a visual appeal that surpasses many of its competitors


  • The shoe tends to run a little on the narrow side
  • Some may find the price to be a little steep

New Balance FuelCell 996 V4

41lntQ+mBIL. SL500

New Balance offers a lot of great models in footwear. Especially when it comes to looking for ones that are great for hardcourt tennis and a wealth of other physical activities. 


This New Balance tennis shoe is designed with a rubber sole and a FuelCell foam interior. The upper is a synthetic material that utilizes Hyperknit and Ndurance technology. That, coupled with the full-length Ndurance outsole, makes this a high-performance tennis shoe.

Ultimately there are a few features that one needs to pay attention to, especially when looking for high-quality and performing tennis shoes. One of those is stability; this shoe is crafted with features that optimize that feature. Along with that, the interior cushioning offers excellent response and shock absorption. 

Overall, this is a lightweight option that tends to reduce leg fatigue and offers a high level of breathability. The sole is also designed with enhanced traction capabilities for improved movement capability.

It may be designed with amazing features and technologies that elevate performance, but it still has a few issues. Though it is comfortable and responsive, the shoe itself is very stiff at first and requires a bit of break-in. Also, those with a wider foot may find it uncomfortable because it runs narrow.


  • Crafted with features that optimize stability
  • Cushioning used offers heightened levels of response and shock absorption
  • Designed with materials that offer excellent breathability
  • Materials used are lightweight for reduced fatigue
  • Excellent reaction to terrain thanks to enhanced grip capability


  • Some find the shoe to be very stiff
  • Individuals with wider feet may find it uncomfortable

Prince T22

41qX3g1AwjL. SL500

Though it may not be a brand everyone is familiar with, this tennis shoe from Prince has a lot going for it. Crafted with a multitude of different features that help with security and comfort, it is a good option.


The shoe uses a mix of synthetic materials and fabric to ensure optimal performance. Crafted with a polyurethane sole and a microfiber synthetic air mesh upper, this is chock full of features that aim to improve foot security and stability while still being comfortable. Amongst these are the Wyshbone TPU shank and the forefoot straps. The material used in the shoe is intended for hard courts.

This shoe has a lot going for it. The materials used in the design give it a longer life cycle thanks to their durability, going all the way to the inclusion of a high-quality shank, which optimizes stability. Along with that, the outsole is intended for superior traction, and overall the design offers an enhanced level of support. 

This means that one can move across the court easily with a reduced fear of any type of injury and a knowledge that their performance will be enhanced through the use of this shoe. Also, unlike many other footwear intended for sports, the shoe fits true to size, which means it’ll take less time to break in and feel more comfortable when on the court.

But though there are a wealth of reasons one should invest in it, there are also a few drawbacks. There is a limited number of colors to choose from, and overall the design is a little bulky for most.


  • Sturdy material means a long-lasting capability of use
  • Outfitted with features that help with balance for improved performance
  • No worry about slip or grip because of the high-performance outsole
  • Overall design is intended to give heightened levels of support for both ankle and arch
  • Shoe is designed to fit true to size


  • Limited color selection
  • Some find the overall design to be very bulky

Final Thoughts

Tennis requires responsiveness and a lot of balance. Though these are assets that the player themselves should have, they are also features that should be included in the shoes they choose. The tennis shoes above are some of the best options when it comes to tennis shoes for women available today.

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