Best Tennis Shoes – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Are you trying to pick a pair of tennis shoes but are confused about which model or brand to get? You have come to the right place as we will provide recommendations to enable you to get the best such shoes in the market. As is the case when you choose a tennis racquet, finding the best tennis shoes requires you to consider various factors. 

The majority of players usually have their preferred color choices and brand allegiances. Nonetheless, you will also need to consider your type of foot as everyone runs and walks differently from another. Different shoes offer different performances, and some shoes can prevent injuries. Other considerations include what surface you frequently play on, the size and shape of the foot, your budget, and your playing style. Below we will highlight the best tennis shoes.

Comparison Chart

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes, 9, Blue Harmony/White
31koqE56HOL. SL500
NIKE Men’s Nike Court Lite 2 Shoe, white/black – white, 8.5 Regular US
41OIz655jsL. SL500
New Balance Men’s MC1006V1 Black/White Tennis Shoe – 10 D(M) US
31FwCNRYn0L. SL500
K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express 2 Tennis Shoe, Barely Blue/White/Black, 9 M
31DFpmyMbzL. SL500
adidas men’s Grand Court Tennis Shoe, Black/White, 10.5 US

Best Tennis Shoes Reviews

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

41PvVRbpMnL. SL500

This model from ASICS is more durable and heavier and offers outstanding performance. When trying on the model, you will realize they are among the best Gel Resolution shoes. Combining durability, comfort and stability are the best you can get with any available shoe.

This shoe was mainly developed with Gael Monfils – an athletic person on tour. As a result, you can address issues you likely experienced with the earlier model, Gel Resolution 7, that affected the narrowness of the toe box and comfort.  

Product Highlights

Towards the bottom of this shoe, you will come across ASICS High Abrasion Resistance rubber outsoles to provide you with a special pattern geometric tread. The tread enhances the shoe’s durability and is important in high-wear regions that tend to fade quickly. 

Gel-Resolution 8 is a special model since it does not provide a midfoot shank for stability – usually found in the shoe’s bottom at the middle. Despite that, ASICS has significant stabilization as a result of other elements of the shoe.

This shoe model utilizes a considerable Asics FlyteFoam dose towards the midsole through the entire length of the shoe for lightweight and responsive comfort. The material replaces the Solyte midsole used in the previous model. For added support, a rigid plastic foot frame is used over the white FlyteFoam for stability and runs from the shoe middle to the heel.

What We Like

The shoes meet the expectation of above-average comfort thanks to the Asics FlyteFoam at the core of the midsole. In addition, gel cushioning offers added shock absorption towards the midfoot and heel to help it withstand the hard court’s pounding. The impact on the body is thus reduced.

What We Don’t Like

This shoe model leaves some room for improvement in ventilation. Though the upper layer of outer rubber is efficient in abrasion resistance, it lacks considerable breathability aside from the vamp and tongue over the forefoot.


  • Offers great comfort
  • The outsole has a warranty
  • Provides stability and great support
  • Shock absorption characteristic to shield your foot on the court


  • Breathability is compromised in the shoe
  • The shoe runs narrow

Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Sneaker

31koqE56HOL. SL500

These Nike Court Lite 2 designs are simplistic and offer excellent stability, superior comfort, and outstanding breathability. In addition, it has a uniquely designed outsole for visually outlining one of the five fundamental tennis player movements. This makes the shoe ideal for recreational players and beginners. Though it has a relatively tight synthetic upper connected with mesh, you will be prepared for numerous footwork drills with these shoes. 

Product Highlights

Nike has strengthened this shoe’s abrasion-resistant and eco-friendly aspect using green durable rubber GDR outsoles. Though it might not be the apex footgear, the assembly of the outsole keeps up with the hardcourt demands. In addition, reduced chemical emissions took place while producing the element.  

The shoes have a modified, non-marking design of the outsoles, showing five different patterns. The design of its treads offers different levels of traction to stabilize your footing as you practice the fundamentals of tennis stances. In addition, it has an underfoot rubber running up the shoe tip as an extra support characteristic against toe dragging.

The Court Lite 2 shoe utilizes lightweight Phylon made from EVA foam pellets to facilitate shock absorption. A mold is used to form these tiny, compressed, and heated particles. As a result, it is not too rigid or soft but excellently cushions your foot as you land during lateral movements and toe-offs. Its assembly also includes a raised heel that enhances rear-end cushioning.

What We Like

These aesthetic shoes are ready for hardcourt trainers and are ideal for off-the-court use. They are perfect for you if you prefer tennis shoes with the vital elements necessary for hardcourt setups. Furthermore, this makes them perfect for you if you are a beginner.

What We Don’t Like

One area in which Nike should improve is on this shoe’s design. In addition, they should offer more color variants and make them more attractive. 


  • Excellent stability
  • Highly durable
  • Great comfort
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Good lacing system structure


  • Needs design improvements
  • More color options are necessary

New Balance Men’s 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe

41OIz655jsL. SL500

Most of the best tennis shoes for people with wide feet come from New Balance. For example, the Men’s 1006 V1 model has a design that maximizes comfort for your wider feet. Like other shoes from New Balance, the shoes are made using superior upper, midsole, and sole materials. However, their REVlite technology offers extra comfort and under-your-foot cushioning. Additionally, the outsole wraps the toe’s front area and inside the shoe for enhanced durability.

Product Highlights

This shoe model features Ndurance, a uniquely-formulated rubber compound from the brand, usually utilized in athletic footwear outsoles. The proprietary unit is made into the sole areas that quickly wear out. 

This sort of outsole makeup results in softer outer soles for added flexibility. The design of the Ndurance has a non-marking herringbone layout and tread patterns uncommon with stiff soles. Since no scuff marks are left on the court, you avoid damage on the playing court. 

REVlite foam is among the popular New Balance midsole compositions utilized in sneakers and athletic footwear. The NB 1006 is primarily made using EVA that acts as underfoot support and cushioning. 

Breathability is among the advantages you get in these shoes – guaranteed by the exterior made of mesh and overlaid by the lightweight and seam-free synthetic material. In addition, the structure is guaranteed by incorporating an overlay which also helps clamp your foot in the position since it is a sport involving aggressive court movements.

What We Like

These New Balance shoes are an excellent option if you need a less bulky and sleeker shoe. They are also for you if you want a breathable shoe that keeps your feet fresh over long court games on warmer days.

What We Don’t Like

An area of improvement in these shoes is in their stability. The shoes would be better if New Balance enhanced their stability in their next release.


  • Ideal for wide feet
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Excellent breathability
  • Long-lasting outsole
  • Offers good comfort


  • Does not offer ideal support
  • Not very sturdy

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express 2 Tennis Shoe

31FwCNRYn0L. SL500

This shoe features magical cushioning. Once you step in, your feet are wrapped with significant padding. As a result, from its midsole to the upper, it is exceptionally comfortable. What’s more, the excellent cushioning does not compromise its weight. As a result, it is among the most lightweight tennis shoe you will come across. 

And whether you are playing on hard court, clay court, or grass, the shoe is guaranteed to provide good traction. It grips on all surfaces and helps you stay anchored, most notably as you make quick stops or while sliding.

Product Highlights

This shoe has a Surgelite midsole unit to provide impact protection. From the name, this proprietary cushioning is lightweight and encourages you to move swiftly in various directions. Furthermore, Surgelite reduces weight from the shoe’s bottom section and offers shock-absorption capabilities. Therefore, you will be getting significantly more from the cushioning unit. In addition, this feature is utilized in all-court tennis shoes.

DuraWrap Flex offers a significant grip on the top for extra support. The element is vital in preventing any point of the forefoot section from rupturing because of too much toe dragging. Additionally, it acts as an extra protection shield for your feet. 

The shoe’s bottom layer uses K-Swiss’s enhanced in-house outsole tech, Aosta 7.0. You will also find this rubber in other high-end profiles such as Bigshot Light 3 and Aero Knit. In addition, it is fabricated in dense elements to bear the abrasive nature of most court surfaces.

The shoe depends on a 180-degree Plantar Support Chassis (PSC) towards the midfoot for extra stability. It primarily prevents your foot from inward rotation and thus stays flat on the surface even when dashing from place to place on the tennis court.  

What We Like

These valuable trainer shoes are designed to work well on various court surfaces. They appropriately match all levels of players, more so if you wish for a supportive and flexible upper to encourage forceful slides, sideway cuts, and spins.

What We Don’t Like

If your foot is narrow or you prefer shoes that are not too spacious in the toe region, you are better off trying a different tennis shoe. This model is designed from knitted fabric in place of the usual leather and mesh in many K-Swiss shoes.


  • Outstanding comfort
  • Plush cushioning
  • Great flexes
  • Lightweight design
  • Secure fit
  • Excellent traction


  • Not long-lasting
  • Too wide

Adidas Men’s Grand Court Tennis Shoes

31DFpmyMbzL. SL500

Adidas has tweaked its classic tennis shoes with newer and cleaner looks, as seen in Adidas Grand Court’s low-top. Similar to other Adidas tennis-inspired sneakers, these shoes boast the bare minimum, from the smooth and long-lasting leather cover and sufficiently cushioned body that will make long walks more convenient. In addition, they have a timeless style that almost mimics Stan Smith, though with three extra stripes towards the sides.

Product Highlights

Right from the box, the cosmetics and design of these shoes are attractive and awesome to play in. additionally, they feature a street-look style making them wearable away from the tennis court.

Taking a look at the shoe’s upper material, you first realize that it features an upper, breathable mesh material tailored to offer you outstanding breathability. This is excellent in allowing moisture to escape from the shoe rapidly and fresh air to get into the shoe.

The toe box of the shoe has an ADITUFF material that is abrasion-resistant, wrapping around the medial forefoot and toe for protection. This helps reduce the probability of experiencing severe injuries. The toe box is also impressive in that it has sufficient space in the toe box region. This offers excellent comfort, prevents your toe from jamming, and lets you play freely without any soreness or pain. 

The shoe’s heel counter may lack the height of other shoes but still does an excellent job of holding your feet and heels in position. With this, your court movements become smooth and easy.

What We Like

These shoes are available in sustainable varieties and give a 1970s vibe. They accomplish this while offering all the bells and whistles of Adidas sneakers. They are perfect for you if you want to look your best wearing them with joggers, jeans, or slacks.

What We Don’t Like

The shoes are unforgiving when it gets to the fit. You could consider other models that offer more space. Additionally, if you are in the market for more structurally sound shoes, these shoes might not be your best bet.


  • Offer great comfort
  • Ideal for different arch types
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Awesome retro vibe


  • Lack support
  • The confines are cramped

Buyer’s Guide

Thanks to the following step-by-step guide, you can now choose the best tennis shoes for your use. Take control of your gameplay on the court with the proper tennis shoes. Since quick starts and stops, regular lateral movement, and short sprints are part and parcel of the game of tennis, you require footwear that can propel you forward. 

Key Feature #1: Fit

How will you know the correct type of tennis shoes for you? Your type of foot and how you stand and walk significantly influence how the shoes perform, feel, and fit you. Feet vary from person to person, though there are general ‘types’ most people fall into: pronated, supinated, and ideal.

An excellent means of understanding your type is checking the wear on your shoes. First, check one pair of frequently worn shoes to see the sustained areas that wear out with time. If the shoes exhibit significant wear inside the sole and around your the ball of your foot, then your foot is pronated. Pronated feet are the most common type to get injured. Therefore, you need to be more careful about the type of shoes you choose and go for tennis shoes that offer significant cushioning and support.

If the shoes display prevalent wearing along the outside heel, your foot is supinated. A player with supinated feet tends to wear shoes out quicker than other players. The added durability of the sole will be the most excellent choice if you have such a foot. The shoes appear worn out all around; this is a sign of the ideal foot type – a rare type. 

A player with the ideal foot type is flexible in picking any shoe, provided it offers comfort. In such a case, you should prioritize your choice of the shoe by the surface you typically play on – concrete or grass. 


You can quickly establish whether you have overpronation by checking to see whether there is a complete imprint of the foot. An overpronator tends to roll the feet inwards over each stride, making stabilizing tennis shoes necessary. 


You have neutral feet if you can see a moderate space in your arch area. For example, an athlete with neutral feet can often try almost all types of tennis shoes.

Supination or Under Pronation

You have supinated feet if your foot imprint leaves a significant open area. A supinator tends to roll the foot outwards on every stride. A shoe type with extra flexibility will help alleviate shock issues as you make fast lateral movements. 

Key Feature #2: Tennis Shoe Style

It would be best if you appreciated the variation between other footwear and tennis shoes before buying your next pair of shoes. Shoe styles are fitting for various activities such as:

  • Regular starts and stops as you move around the court, affecting the design of your tennis shoes.
  • Typically, tennis shoes are designed flatter, with particular sole patterns, all according to the court surface you play on.
  • Other shoe types have softer and thicker heels that reduce weight and add cushioning to reduce impact – tennis shoes have a sturdier build.
  • Athletic shoes such as running shoes are tailored for repetitive forward movement during walking or running.

Key Feature #3: Playing Style

When choosing a pair of tennis shoes, you should consider your style of play.

Baseline Players

If you are a baseline player, you primarily play along the tennis court back line. Therefore, you will need a baseline tennis shoe type offering much-needed lateral support. You also need a durable sole to address the constant lateral movement.

Serve-and-Volley Players

Typically, serve-and-volley players charge the net. In addition, these players often slide their back feet along the tennis court as they serve. Therefore, shoes with durable reinforced toe (toecap) and medial arch on the inside are essential. 

Key Feature #4: Type of Court Surface

The type of surface you play on is critical as you choose the best tennis shoes. You can have tennis matches on grass, clay, or concrete, all of which are very different playing surfaces. A clay court makes natural ‘slide’ possible as you move, giving you slightly lighter support laterally. However, the fine dirt grains can bother the foot, and thus, you need to ensure that the shoes have a tough upper made of synthetic or leather. 

A grass court will give you significant natural cushioning, meaning you can opt for more lateral support by forgoing some cushioning. However, the most popular type of playing surface is concrete – which may be challenging to most players’ feet. In addition, the rigid surface is demanding and unforgiving. Thus, you will need significant cushioning for comfort. 

Another vital aspect is lateral support since the starts and stops of the player on firm concrete surfaces are usually sharp. Your type of foot and the surface on which you play are critical considerations as you choose tennis shoes, though your body type is also an essential factor. 

The court surface type you usually play on significantly impacts your choice of tennis shoes. Hard surfaces such as concrete need more durable shoes, and soft surfaces require shoes with sole traction. 

Concrete (Hard Court)

  • Hard court tennis shoes are durable, providing added resilience outsole and an extra supportive upper.
  • Soles tend to wear out much quicker on more brutal courts – ensure you check the wear of the tennis shoes and have them replaced if necessary.
  • Outsole and upper materials are made tougher using vinyl or leather.

Clay Court (Soft)

  • Soft court tennis shoes are made bearing in mind the non-damaging traction.


  • Multi-court tennis shoes are made for playing on a variety of surfaces.
  • The shoes let you play in soft or hardcourt conditions without needing a shoe change.

Key Feature #5: Special Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are as important as your tennis racquet and strings. The tennis shoe design equips you with a suitable outsole and offers the all-essential durability, comfort, and stability necessary to engage in the game without risking injury. At the minimum, it is recommended that you purchase entry-level tennis shoes. Nonetheless, advanced models have modern performance technologies to offer competitive players a considerable playing advantage. Using running or general shoes is more like using stilts to play tennis.

If you are a heavier and larger tennis player, you should consider getting heavier shoes with added stability to offer the much-needed extra support. On the other hand, lightweight shoes are more fitting for smaller players – they are easier to manage over extended physical exertion. 

You must lace up properly and choose cushioning socks to achieve an ideal fit in your tennis shoes. Tennis shoes now feature excellent lacing systems tailored to hold the foot in position and avoid loosening or becoming undone due to tennis games’ strenuous demands. If you are at an increased risk of rolling the ankles, consider higher-cut shoes for extra support, especially when adequately laced up. Are you still uncertain of your type of foot? Then a ‘wet test’ should help properly determine your foot type. Wet the foot and step on a piece of dark construction paper. The imprint characteristic will determine your type of foot. 


Question 1: Which is the best and most affordable tennis shoe for a weekend club player?

You will get the best prices on the Barricade Team. Other recommendations in the tennis scene include Wilson or K-Swiss shoes such as the Rush Pro 3.0

Question 2: What tennis shoes are best for people with wide feet but still offer excellent support?

In general, Yonex or K-Swiss shoes are ideal with wide feet. You will have no issue using the Nike Vapors or Asics if you have wide feet. Some players also find the Nike Cage ideal for wider feet.

Question 3: Is stability or speed more vital in tennis shoes?

You will often have to compromise since fast/light shoes typically lack the stability of heavy shoes. However, you will find the best of both in the Asics Gel Resolution 8, making it the best choice for you. But if you were to pick one, go for stability since it is much better to be safe as you change direction.

Question 4: I am searching for shoes that are low but also offer excellent cushioning; which model should I turn to?

Go for the Asics shoes, which generally offer significantly more cushioning and are low to the ground. Court FF 2 is an excellent choice. You can also enhance the cushioning in other shoes by using an insert. 

Question 5: What are some brands of shoes with great shoe options?

There is much positive feedback on the Lotto shoes, more so on their Stratosphere model. In addition, Diadora and New Balance have attractive models with positive reviews you could choose from. 

Final Verdict

Are you learning how tennis is played, or are you a pro-level experienced tennis player? Either way, you must figure out the best pair of tennis shoes that promote body and foot health. While shopping for tennis shoes, it would be best to start by setting aside a budget. To narrow down your options, you will need to establish the most crucial features, like durability, comfort, or stability. The points highlighted in this guide should help navigate you in the right direction as you seek to buy new tennis shoes. You also get to focus your search on a tight shoe selection so you can be confident as you purchase. 

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