Best Spikeless Golf Shoes – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Many people across the globe are very serious when it comes to their golf game. For those individuals, having a good pair of golf shoes is a crucial key to their overall performance on the course. But some don’t necessarily like the spiked versions and want a more versatile option like a spikeless golf shoe. Below are some of the best spikeless golf shoes available on the market today

Comparison Chart

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PUMA mens Ignite Fasten8 Golf Shoe, High Rise-puma Silver-quiet Shade, 7 US
41k1vFld+1L. SL500
New Balance mens Breeze V2 Golf Shoe, Black, 8 US
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adidas Men’s Tech Response Spikeless Golf Shoe, Grey Three/Ftwr White, 10.5
41QuR1kenBS. SL500
Skechers Women’s Go Ultra Max Spikeless Golf Shoe, White, 7.5
31 H66O9EjL. SL500
ECCO mens S-three Gore-tex Golf Shoe, White, 10-10.5 US

Spikeless Golf Shoe Reviews

Puma Ignite Fasten8

31tm78R21sL. SL500

This model from Puma could be a great choice for golfers looking for high-performing spikeless golf shoes. It offers heightened stability and improvement and is outfitted with many world-class technologies and design features.


This Puma golf shoe is crafted using a high-performance, non-stretch waterproof breathable mesh with a TPU PWRCAGE and PWRFRAME. The TPU PWRCAGE utilizes a lightweight saddle that helps improve the shoe’s overall performance. The lacing system includes a nylon strap that improves the shoe’s overall fit. Inside the shoe itself, the designers have used a proprietary midsole. When it comes to the outsole, it is a synthetic model that utilizes a nature-inspired pattern for improved traction.

Every feature that has been included in this design is intended to optimize the performance of the golfer. Though several pieces of advanced technology and materials are used in the construction, it is still a simple but versatile design. When out on the green, one wants to ensure their shoes stay put, and because of the addition of the nylon strap, the lacing system is more secure. 

On top of that, responsiveness and comfort are improved via the midsole foam. Though it has tons of technology, the materials are still lightweight and very durable, including the saddle. This saddle elevates the stability, and coupled with the traction system, the shoe allows for better power and grip.

Puma has developed an amazing spikeless golf shoe, but it is not perfect. In fact, though the traction system is one of the benefits of this unit, some find other options have a better grip than this one. Along with that, there is a limited color selection which could be a problem for some individuals.


  • Offers a simple yet versatile design
  • Utilizes a nylon strap in the lacing system for more security
  • Midsole foam improves responsiveness and comfort
  • Lightweight and durable TPU saddle for improved stability
  • Traction system designed for better grip and power


  • Not as much grip as other options available
  • Lack of color selection available

New Balance Breeze V2

41k1vFld+1L. SL500

The next shoe is in a model from New Balance designed to accentuate all the necessary attributes for a good golf game – comfort, responsiveness, and support. 


The Breeze V2 is a spikeless golf shoe crafted with 100% synthetic materials and finished with a high-quality Ndurance rubber outsole. Designed with a mesh upper and supportive overlays, the unit also includes a 10mm drop REVlite midsole. There is also a level of water protection as it utilizes a molded forefoot water guard.

There are a ton of great features included in this shoe design. There are few that stand out when it comes to this spikeless golf shoe in regards to comfort, thanks to the high-quality padding and premium-grade materials. Additionally, the materials are lightweight and eco-friendly, which makes for less of a chance of leg fatigue. 

With a mesh upper, the increased breathability and the support of overlays that help improve the balance, this is an excellent option for just about anyone. Also, thanks to the high-quality materials and design, it is good straight from the box with no break-in period necessary.

There are a few areas where the design could be improved to make this a better option. The biggest of these is the size of the toe box. Many feel that it is a little tight and therefore puts pressure on the top of the foot. Along with this, the material used inside doesn’t have a lot of grip so many have found their foot slides very easily.


  • Shoe is designed utilizing high-quality padding for increased comfort
  • Materials are lightweight and eco-friendly
  • Designed to offer increased breathability
  • Improved balance due to supportive overlays
  • Able to be worn straight from the box with no break-in period


  • Some find the toe box to be a little tight
  • Issues with foot sliding on the inside

Adidas Tech Response

41uEjjho4jL. SL500

When it comes to athletics, few names stand out, but one of those is Adidas. This high-quality golf shoe has many great features that stand up to the reputation the company has built for itself. 


The Tech Response is a golf shoe crafted with a mesh and synthetic material mix. The sole itself is crafted in ethylene-vinyl acetate. Within the structure of the shoe itself, it is designed with a lightweight mesh upper and a soft EVA insole. When it comes to the traction system, it utilizes a six-spike configuration with a Thintech low profile technology that helps with many different aspects of one’s game.

When one is out on the golf course, you want to ensure that you are sure of foot and comfortable. This shoe offers both of those factors in spades. Thanks to the excellent outsole, the shoe has a good stable base, and using mesh materials allows for excellent ventilation for improved comfort. Along with the comfort of the mesh materials utilized is the use of a good insole. 

On top of that, the grip is great, thanks to the low-profile traction system utilized in the design. All these factors make for a very budget-friendly option that offers plenty of value no matter what type of match you are participating in.

That being said, there are still some issues that could be addressed to make this an even better option for golfers. The first is that there is no waterproof upper utilized in the design. This could be a problem for some. If you have arch problems, this may not be the best fit for you because it doesn’t offer as good of support as other models.


  • Outfitted with high-quality features for a good stable base
  • Designed utilizing materials that offer good airflow
  • Utilizes a soft EVA for excellent comfort
  • Low profile thin technology for improved traction and stability
  • Price versus value beats many of its competitors


  • Shoe was not designed with a waterproof upper
  • Issues with the level of arch support

Skechers Go Ultra Max

41QuR1kenBS. SL500

Skechers designs many different types of shoes, all specifically geared towards particular sports. With this model, everything that is included in the ultimate build of the shoe is geared towards enhancing the performance on the golf course. 


This model from Skechers is crafted using synthetic materials and a high-quality rubber sole. Crafted with a proprietary ULTRA GO cushioning and finished with a GOGA Max technology insole, this shoe is perfect for many people. It is a spikeless design, finished with a coating that helps repel water. It is a high-quality option that should be on just about any golfer’s consideration list.

When it comes to a spikeless golf shoe, this model is by far one of the best out there. Unlike other shoe options, one of the biggest benefits a golfer could take advantage of is that the shoe comes in wide widths. That means the golfer can have a shoe that comfortably fits all day. 

Along with that, the golfer gets premiere-grade cushioning, which helps security and comfort, as well as breathable materials that heighten the comfort level. In truth, the best thing about this golf shoe is the comfort, but thanks to the high-quality rubber sole, it also offers great stability. 

Even with all those amazing features, this golf shoe is not the most perfect design. When it comes to the design itself, much like many other athletic shoes, you have to worry about sizing issues, and this one tends to run a little small. Other than that, the only issue that some may take with this is that the price may be a little too steep.


  • Utilizes a spikeless construction for improved comfort
  • Shoe comes in wide widths
  • Crafted with premium-grade cushioning for better security and comfort
  • Designed with lightweight, breathable materials
  • Overall design is meant to assist in enhancing balance


  • Some may find the price too much
  • Issues with the sizing of the shoes running a little small

ECCO S-Three

31 H66O9EjL. SL500

The last shoe on the list is an imported variety that utilizes high-quality features, technology, and a sleek design to elevate it above the rest. 


Utilizing ECCO soft calf Nappa leather and finished with a leather sole, this luxury spikeless option will offer a heightened level of style. It is crafted with a shaft that measures low from the arch and is finished with Gore-Tex 100% waterproof technology. Along with that, the golf shoe includes a zonal FLUIDFORM midsole and an E-DTS traction system. This system utilizes 100 TPU traction bars that give 800 different traction angles. The insole is an open cell Ortholite model for the interior that helps improve questioning and breathability.

Though this may look like a shoe that is all about style, it also has substance. The shoe is designed with plenty of features that allow you to wear it comfortably all day. It’s a simple design that is crafted utilizing high-quality materials that make it stand up to the rigors of the day and live a long life. 

That goes for the insoles, which are also removable and washable, making them excellent for those who are into all-day golf games in high-temperature climates. Also, the shoe is finished with a high-quality sole that utilizes a unique traction system, improving traction despite its spikeless design.

Though it is a spikeless design and offers a unique traction system, some have still felt that it is not as valuable as other options for the price. On top of that, those looking at a more aesthetic aspect of the shoe will find a limited variety of different colors to choose from, and this could be something that causes them to reconsider investing in this golf shoe.


  • Golf shoes can be worn all day with ease
  • Overall traction system offers a good deal of grip for more power
  • Simple design that looks aesthetically pleasing
  • Utilizes premium grade materials for improved durability
  • Insole is removable and washable for longer life


  • Not as wallet-friendly as other spike list options
  • Limited variations available to choose from

Final Thoughts

A spikeless option might be a good choice for golfers looking for golf shoes that are easily transferred from the course to normal terrain. We have looked at some of the best options available regarding spikeless golf shoes above and hope that it helps make anyone’s decision-making process that much easier.

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