Best Golf Shoes – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Every pro golfer understands the importance of golf shoes in keeping you balanced and stable as you take on that full swing. A shoe with great traction and performance is every golfer’s dream. How do you know which shoes best suit you among the many golf shoe brands? Which shoe gives a good balance of traction and performance? To guide you through the process, we will review some of the best golf shoes that are affordable in the market.

Comparison Chart

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FootJoy Men’s FJ Fuel Golf Shoe, White/Black/Orange, 7.5 Wide
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Nike mens Roshe G Golf Cd6065-010 Shoes, Anthracite/Black-particle Grey, 10.5
41358512KXL. SL500
New Balance mens Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe
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adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe, White, 7 M US
31622u09NTL. SL500
PUMA GOLF Men’s Ignite Pwradapt Caged Golf Shoe, Puma Black-Puma Silver-Puma Black, 7 M US

Golf Shoe Reviews

FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes

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If you are a FootJoy enthusiast and are looking for modern shoes that are comfortable and lightweight, then FJ fuel is for you. Unlike previous FJ designs, this shoe is developed with a well-thought-out layout incorporating the style of today’s young generation.

Product Highlights

One thing you will notice about this shoe is the style. Unlike other FootJoy shoes, FJ Fuel has a modern style ideal for young generations. For once, you can compare FJ with Adidas or Nike in terms of looks. If looks deter you from trying FJ shoes, these are for you.

In terms of comfort, while it may not be soft and cozy as other FJ shoes, the shoe is just ok. The shoe is built with stratolite, designed to absorb shock when you step on the ground. So with this shoe, you will not complain of foot pain after rigorous golfing.

FJ Fuel has been designed with molded “spikes” to enhance grip and performance. You will enjoy the stability that comes with this shoe, thanks to strategically positioned “mini-spikes.” The molded rubber, unlike spikes, makes your shoe extremely lightweight and soft, enhancing your comfort.

The shoe’s upper part is synthetic, making it easy to clean. In addition, the synthetic material makes your shoes waterproof, so you do not have to worry about your feet getting wet when playing on moist grounds.

Every golfer would die for a perfect fit, a shoe not larger or smaller. FJ fuel features a fully rounded design to fit across your forefoot and instep. Also, it comes with a narrow heel and added toe spring for an athletic effect.

One downside of this shoe is that it usually comes in a size bigger than you would expect.

What We Like

The great thing associated with this shoe is the style and stability. The shoes adopt a modern design that allows you to glow while playing golf. Additionally, the Pro SL-inspired sole design will give you the grip and stability you require when playing golf.

What We Don’t Like

Given the importance of a shoe fitting your foot, this shoe comes in a size larger. This can be a great disappointment, especially when ordering the shoes for an upcoming tournament.


  • Enhanced traction and performance
  • Modern look
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean


  • Size does not always fit

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes

41585CbMDIL. SL500

If you are looking for casual golf shoes that are comfortable and have good traction, then this shoe is suitable for you. These boots feature soft and cozy mini spikes with a better grip than expected.

Product Highlights

Nike Roshe features a casual and comfortable shoe built for golf. The shoe comes with a breathable upper part that is extremely lightweight and cozy. You will love the effect of tiny holes that keep your feet aerated. So even in rigorous physical activity, your feet will not smell.

You will  want your golf shoes to secure tightly on your feet when playing. Furthermore, shoes that keep coming off of your feet can be an extreme nuisance, especially when you want to concentrate on the game. Therefore, Roshe golf shoes adopt a lace-up closure, allowing you to fasten the shoe firmly on your feet.

This shoe got it right regarding the comfort of the sole. It adopts a foam midsole to cushion your feet when walking. Moreover, it will protect your feet from the effects of stepping on firm ground; you will not suffer from foot pain after a long day of golfing. Additionally, the shoe comes with heel and tongue pull tabs to cushion your instep from rubbing and pressure.

The traction and performance of this shoe will surprise you. Despite many details being put on comfort, this shoe has better traction than you envision. It has a rubber sole with several mini spikes that grip the ground to give you great stability. Unlike spiked shoes, Roshe sole is soft on your feet and adds to the shoe’s comfort.

You will likely find a pair of these shoes that fits your style with Roshe. The brand comes in various colors; you have many options to choose from.

One thing to note is that this shoe is not waterproof, so you would want to wear it on dry grounds. For instance, if you are on wet grass, it lets water in and wets your feet. Another downside is that the shoe is narrower than you would expect. Therefore, you are advised to order half a size bigger.

What We Like

What stands out with this shoe is the great comfort that comes with it. Every aspect of the shoe is designed to enhance comfort, from the breathable membrane and foam midsole to the rubber sole.

What We Don’t Like

One downside about this shoe is that the upper is not waterproof. If you are playing on wet grass, this shoe will not be ideal as it will allow water into your feet. Moreover, the shoe is a little bit narrower than expected. You will have to order half a size bigger when purchasing them.


  • Breathable upper part
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Super comfortable
  • Lace-up closure


  • Water permeable
  • Narrower than expected

New Balance Waterproof Golf Shoes

41358512KXL. SL500

This item is an ideal option for you if you are looking for affordable golf shoes that are lightweight and have great traction and performance. In addition, the shoe comes with a spiked sole and cushioned midsole that is very light.

Product Highlights

New Balance striker shoes come with a waterproof microfiber upper; Even when golfing on wet grass, your feet will still be dry with this shoe. Additionally, the synthetic membrane makes the shoe easy to clean; you only have to wipe these shoes and you are good to go.

The sole is made of leather which makes this shoe extremely durable. In addition, the sole is spiked. This product is an excellent choice if you are looking for great traction and performance. The spikes grip the ground firmly, giving you good stability when playing golf.

Furthermore, the spikes used for these shoes are plastic, so you do not have to worry about damaging the golf course’s green spaces.

You will love how the outsole of this shoe is designed to align with the motion of your feet. This means however much walking you do, you will not complain of foot pain from walking for too long.

Moreover, the shoe incorporates a REVLite drop midsole that gives lightweight cushioning and exceptional responsiveness to your foot. In addition, a CUSH and insole are added to enhance the comfort of the shoe. 

One disadvantage with this shoe is that it might not be ideal if you play in hot weather. The waterproof membrane locks in the sweat and prevents cool air from entering your feet. Unfortunately, this means your shoes may develop odor at the end of the day.

Also, New Balance should consider working on the style of this shoe. The shoe has a boring look, and if you are a style enthusiast, you will likely pass on this shoe.

What We Like

What stands out with this shoe is the great traction and performance that comes with surprisingly great comfort. Despite the boots being spiked, much effort has been put into making the shoe cozy.

What We Don’t Like

One great turnoff with this shoe is the style. The shoe has a boring look that does not consider the modern generation. It does not compare with other trendy shoes. Also, the waterproof design minimizes breathability, which can lead to smelly feet.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Great traction and performance
  • Cushioned midsole for comfort


  • Locks in sweat
  • Boring look

Adidas Men’s Golf Shoes

41Hst62gc+L. SL500

These Adidas shoes are suitable for you if you want a mix of comfort and performance. They incorporate the use of a lightweight and comfortable materials that make them extremely cozy. The outsole features a six-pike Thintech design, giving the boots great traction and stability.

Product Highlights

These shoes feature a leather and mesh upper mix for enhanced aeration and comfort. The breathable upper has a cooling effect on your shoes. In addition, the mesh helps to keep your foot comfortable under extreme pressure. The leather material at the boots’ edge minimizes water penetration into your feet in moist grass.

An outstanding feature of the shoes is the lightweight, soft midsole that cushions your foot from ground pressure. Even with long hours of standing and walking, you will not complain of foot soreness. Additionally, the midsole features a low-profile construction bringing your feet closer to the ground for improved traction and stability.

The shoe is built with an ADIWEAR outsole, a non-marking rubber that is lightweight and durable. The sole is resistant to wear and tear and gives maximum grip and flexibility. In addition, the outsole is green-friendly and helps to preserve the playing ground.

When it comes to grip and performance, these shoes are great. They feature a six-spike configuration with a Thintech low-profile design for increased traction and performance. So if you are looking for shoes that grip the ground firmly, even on softer surfaces, these shoes are a perfect fit. In addition, the spikes are plastic and do not leave marks on the playing ground.

While these shoes might not be the most stylish out there, they will give you the professional look that you desire. They feature a moderate look that is not too outdated. It has the classic Adidas look.

However, the mesh part of the shoe catches dirt quickly and is hard to clean. So if you are looking for a shoe that is easy to clean, this shoe is not ideal. Also, this shoe is not suitable for extremely wet grounds; the most you can go with it is morning dew.

What We Like

These shoes will give you the extra boost you need while reaching for a full swing. The low-profile midsole and the spike Thintech outsole give these shoes great traction and stability. Moreover, the strength of the shoe does not compromise its comfort. 

What We Don’t Like

If you are someone that loves convenience, cleaning and maintaining this shoe will likely turn you off. The mesh gets dirty easily and is hard to clean; you will need to brush it with soapy water to make it clean.


  • Professional look
  • Breathable upper part
  • Great traction and stability
  • Lightweight cushioned midsole


  • Catches dirt easily

PUMA Ignite Pwradapt Golf Shoes

31622u09NTL. SL500

Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged Golf Shoes are built to give you mind-blowing comfort and the right tailored fit. The shoes come with a power cage around the medial and lateral side and a comfortable midsole for perfect fit and support. This might be ideal if you are looking for cozy shoes that securely fit onto your foot.

Product Highlights

A feature that sells these shoes is the perfect tailored fit. The Portage, in addition to the midsole, gives your foot proper fit and support. When the shoelaces are fastened, the saddle unit tightens the sides of the shoes securing your foot inside the shoe. 

The adaptive fit system features a layered collar that gives you great comfort. Also, the layer provides your foot with 360-degree support for enhanced stability while taking a full swing.

The external of the shoes is lined with Pwrframe and is strategically located in the high-stress areas to provide support and cushion your foot from immense pressure. As a result, you will not have intense foot sores even under tremendous pressure.

On the comfort and responsiveness of the shoes, they come with an ignite foam midsole that makes them extremely comfortable. You will love the cushioning and stability that comes with this midsole. The soft foam makes the shoes extremely cozy; get these shoes and say goodbye to foot blisters. Moreover, the sole system is comfortable and responsive. The Pwradapt sole system features 3-D traction that keeps you gripped to the ground while taking a full swing. In addition, this sole’s enhanced stability and performance make it an ideal shoe for softer and slippery environments.

The shoe adopts a modern look that is suitable for the young generation. Therefore, you can easily wear it to fit your style. Also, it has a breathable upper part which enhances the comfort and style of the shoe.

What We Like

This shoe is designed to give you a perfect, tailored fit with extreme comfort. The PWRCAGE and the ignite foam sole secure your foot firmly into the shoe for proper fit and support. Additionally, the Pwradapt sole cushions and aligns with the foot’s movement, adding to the shoe’s comfort.

What We Don’t Like

The breathable upper part limits the shoes to dry ground. If you love exercising you will  want to consider another type of shoe, as this one is not ideal due to morning dew. It will not keep your feet dry.


  • Perfect fit and support
  • Stylish toe-down design
  • Responsive and comfortable sole
  • PWR frame to cushion from high stress


  • Limited to dry grounds

Buyer’s Guide

Getting the right golf shoe is essential to concentrate on your game without mishaps. However, with the many brands of golf shoes, it can be hard to single out which shoe is the best for you. Here are features you should look at when buying your golf shoes.

Key Feature #1: Types of Golf Shoes (Spiked or Spikeless)

The type of golf shoes you choose is very important as this will determine the traction and performance of the shoes. Compared to spikeless shoes, spiked shoes have a good grip and stability. You can comfortably take a full swing without the fear of sliding. However, spiked shoes are hard on your feet and can be uncomfortable. Going for spikeless shoes with molded “mini spikes” will give you the desired traction and comfort.

Key Feature #2: Golf Shoe Materials

Why should you look at the material used in building your golf shoes? The shoe material determines the durability, comfort, and water-resistant fabric of the material. For example, compared to leather, a rubber sole is more comfortable and responsive; however, the latter is less durable.

Additionally, a shoe with a breathable upper part is extremely comfortable but lacks water resistance and convenience in cleaning. A leather upper part is waterproof and easy to clean but is not as comfortable as breathable fabric.

Key Feature #3: Golf spikes (metal or plastic)

While metal spikes have greater durability, traction, and performance, they are extremely add-on to the ground and lack green friendliness. As a result, most golf courses prohibit shoes with metal spikes to preserve their green ground. In addition, they are less lightweight and very uncomfortable compared to plastic spikes.

Plastic spikes, on the other hand, will give you the required traction and are green-friendly. In addition, they are lighter than the metal spikes enhancing the shoe’s comfort. However, compared to metal spikes, they are less durable.

Key Feature #4: Types of Lacings

The type of lacing is extremely important; you will want to go for lacing that secures your foot in the shoe even on rigorous movements. Also, you want to go for laces that are resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

Key Feature #5: Brand

You will want your shoes from brands with a track record of producing good golf shoes. Go for an established brand, as they continuously improve their boots to suit the needs of their consumers.


Question 1: Why Do You Need Golf Shoes?

Taking a full swing while golfing requires great stability; otherwise, it will send you falling. Golf shoes are ergonometric and designed to give you great traction and stability when playing golf. Also, golfing calls for long hours of standing and walking; golf shoes are designed to provide you with foot comfort and a cushion against pressure.

So why should you get golf shoes? You need golf shoes as they are purpose-made to give you the comfort and traction required.

Question 2: Are Spiked Golf Shoes Better?

The main reason you would settle for spiked shoes is their great traction and performance. Unlike spikeless shoes, they grip the ground firmly, giving you stability as you take on a full swing.

However, compared to spikeless shoes, they might not be as comfortable as you would want them to be. The spikes reduce the responsiveness of the sole making them hard on your foot.

Question 3: What Golf Shoes Do The Pros Wear?

Golf shoes are important armor for every pro golfer. A golfer will look at every aspect of the shoe to ensure that it gives the required performance. Typically, a golfer will settle for shoes that keep them balanced and stable and give them good traction while not compromising on the shoe’s comfort. In addition, the shoe should provide them the professional look they desire and can keep their feet dry on wet grass.

Question 4: What Shoes Are Not Allowed On Golf Courses?

Golf courses are mainly green grounds, and every management has put in measures to ensure that the green settings are preserved. So, golf shoes that are likely to damage the green are prohibited. For example, most golf courses refuse shoes with metal spikes because they tend to pierce the green grounds. If you must wear spiked shoes, go for plastic spikes.

Question 5: How Do You Put Golf Spikes On Your Golf Shoes?

Your golf shoes will have spikes installed; however, you will need to replace them over time due to wear and tear. Replacing the spikes is easy and you only need a spike wrench. To remove the old spikes, grab them using a spike wrench and unscrew them by moving the twist in the anticlockwise direction. Once removed, place the new spikes and secure them using the wrench; move the wrench in a clockwise direction to screw them in.


Golf shoes are an important aspect of every golfer that keeps them grounded. When selecting golf shoes, all factors that come into play when playing golf should be considered. Good golf shoes not only give you the required performance but are also comfortable. We hope this review will help you select the right pair of golf shoes that best suit your needs.

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