Best Cross Training Shoes for Women – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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When it comes to cross training shoes for women, one wants to choose an option that is outfitted with features that allow a lot of versatility. There are plenty of great options out there, and we thought we would take a look at some of the best cross training shoes for women.

Comparison Chart

New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker, Black/Leopard, 5.5 Wide
41t8EebERBL. SL500
Nike Women’s WMNS Flex Trainer 9 Cross, Team Red/Metallic Copper-Black-White, 8.5 Regular US
Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Grit FTWR White
41yc4qAMW+L. SL500
PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s fm Cross-Trainer Shoe Black Silver/Beetroot Purple, 5.5 M US
Ryka Women’s Influence Sneaker, Iris Blue, 5

Cross Training Shoe Reviews

New Balance Nergize V1

The first cross training shoe on the list is a slip-on version that utilizes high-quality materials and is designed with features that allow it to be comfortable no matter what type of training a woman is getting into. 


These shoes are crafted using a 50/50 combination of mesh and synthetic materials. Capped off with a rubber sole, the unit is also outfitted with midsole cushioning utilizing the REVlite midsole. Regarding the underfoot design, the shoe utilizes a New Balance memory sole comfort insert. Along with this, it is designed with a booty upper construction that is crafted with materials that offer a super lightweight feel.

All the carefully designed aspects of the shoe aim to offer a heightened performance and comfort. Not only do the features offer these aspects but also a clean and aesthetically pleasing look. Everything from the simple, clean upper design to the lightweight cushioning help this shoe offer many benefits that cross trainers can take advantage of when out there getting their sweat on.  

On top of that, it has a high-quality rubber sole which helps with grip and traction for those who like to go off-trail. That, coupled with the use of premium-grade materials, makes this a highly durable option for just about anyone.

That being said, a few issues need to be looked at before any final decision is made. The first is that there are some sizing consistency issues. Though many suggest going half a size up, some feel they run a little large, and some say they fit true to size. On top of that, although it has a lot of comforts, the support level is not as good as other options.


  • Designed with a clean and simple upper
  • Crafted with a slip-on design
  • Outfitted with lightweight cushioning
  • Utilizes premium grade materials for improved durability
  • Finished with a high-quality rubber sole for improved grip


  • Only offers medium-level support
  • Issues with sizing consistency

Nike Flex Trainer 9

41t8EebERBL. SL500

The next cross trainer comes from one of the biggest names in athletic wear, Nike. It is crafted with high-quality materials and utilizes a high-performance design, making it a great investment for any woman. 


This shoe utilizes a mixture of textile and synthetic materials to allow for its lightweight flexibility. Along with that, it is capped off with a high-quality rubber sole and a shaft that measures low top from arch. Overall, the addition of the high-quality rubber sole and the lightweight materials give this unit a lot of traction. The shoe also includes a synthetic upper and a heel strap in its design that helps add support and containment. Finished with a foam midsole, this unit offers a lot of durability as well as high performance.

Many aspects of this shoe allow for heightened levels of flexibility and comfort. The use of a solid rubber sole design makes this cross trainer lightweight and super flexible. These materials are lightweight not only to allow for flexibility but also for heightened levels of comfort. 

That, coupled with the foam midsole and the high-quality rubber, makes these shoes stand out. On top of that, they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and come in a wide range of colors so that women can find something that works for them.

But just because it has a wealth of wonderful features doesn’t necessarily mean it is a perfect option. Though the heel strap is intended to offer support and containment, many find that it occasionally causes the shoe to slip off. On top of that, the tongue tends to curl around the edges.


  • Sole offers a high level of flexibility
  • Crafted with lightweight materials for improved comfort
  • Utilizes a foam midsole that offers heightened comfort
  • Aesthetically pleasing design that comes in a wide range of colors
  • High-quality rubber in high-wear areas that improves durability


  • Some find the heel strap to cause the shoe to slip off
  • Issues with the tongue curling

Reebok Nano X1

This Reebok cross trainer shoe is a versatile option. It utilizes a combination of designs outfitted for training as well as running to elevate the level of performance it offers. 


The Reebok Nano X1 is crafted in a synthetic/mesh material that utilizes a premium-grade rubber sole. It is outfitted with a soft and durable upper crafted in the Flexweave knit for improved airflow. This upper is designed with support for multi-directional movement. Regarding fit, this trainer is designed using a Floatride Energy Foam and a shock-absorbing EVA foam midsole.

For those women that are looking for stability and traction, this is a great option. The overall design offers a heightened stability level thanks to the lightweight heel clip. When it comes to traction, not only are you getting comfort from the responsive midsole, but it improves the overall feel of the shoes so that there is a better reaction to uneven terrains. 

Durability is key with this; it not only uses high-quality materials but design features like the durable upper to heighten the life cycle of this shoe. Plus, there is a wide range of colors, so any woman will be able to find just the right fit for them.

Though the heel tab is a great addition for stability and balance, it runs a little higher on the shoe. This potentially has ramifications when it comes to blisters. Along with that, although the upper is amazing, it is also padded, and some feel that padding is a little too bulky.


  • Shoe was designed to offer perfect stability
  • Finished with a highly durable upper
  • Heel clip is lightweight for additional stability
  • Comes in multiple colors for better personalization
  • Crafted with a responsive midsole for improved comfort


  • Some find the heel tab is higher than other options, which may cause blisters
  • Issues with the padding of the tongue feeling a little bulky

Puma Tazon 6

41yc4qAMW+L. SL500

When looking at cross training shoes, you can find them outfitted with features that allow for a versatile range of uses. This option from Puma is crafted with high-quality features that give it the ability to be used for just about any exercise routine.


The Tazon 6 utilizes 100% synthetic leather and is finished with a durable, high-quality rubber sole. Its overall features are designed with a midfoot saddle and utilize an EVA material in the heel. The shoe also contains a TPU shank and an EcoOrtholite sock liner.

With these high-quality materials and a design specifically targeted to allow for indoor and outdoor use, this is a great cross trainer. But maybe the best thing about this model is the support it affords the woman that opts to invest in it. It’s crafted with both arch and ankle support and utilizes specialized technology to reduce shock impact. 

That, coupled with the high-quality insert, not only gives this shoe better responsiveness but also improves comfort. Even better, unlike many other options, this shoe is comfortable straight from the box and requires no break-in.

Though the material utilized in the overall construction is comfortable and lightweight, there are some that take issue with a few features. The first is that though it is supposed to be breathable, many find that this shoe lacks ventilation. Along with that, though it is versatile in use as it can be used indoors and outdoors, many find some of the more running-specific features like traction are lacking a little in this shoe.


  • Versatile design that can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • No break-in necessary; comfortable from the box
  • Shoe is crafted with heightened levels of comfort
  • Designed with features that offer good support for both the arch and ankle
  • Utilizes EVA technology for better shock absorption


  • Some find the running features to be lacking in this design
  • Issues with the ventilation of the construction

Ryka Influence

This is a great option for women who are looking for a shoe specifically designed for their unique foot shape. It is outfitted with many different features specific to the performance and comfort a woman needs during exercise. 


The Influence utilizes a complete fabric design finished with a premium-grade rubber sole. Its design utilizes a shaft that measures the low top of the arch. Along with this, the shoe utilizes an N-Gage energy foam cushion to round out the versatile design.

Due to the complete fabric design, this unit is ultimately lightweight and offers a lot of flexibility. Including the foam cushion and reactive material gives it responsiveness, allowing quick transitions. This means it’s great for a lot of different types of exercise. Along with that, the materials are durable and sturdy, and that means they can handle low-impact and high-intensity workouts. 

For those looking for a more high-intensity workout-driven shoe, the fact that this utilizes a lacing system that offers good support and snugness may be a great benefit. Also, there’s no break-in period. So one can get out there straight from the box and start working out.

There are a lot of great features attached to this cross trainer, but there are also a few issues that may cause some to reconsider investing in it. Though there is a lot of support involved in other areas, the heel seems to be a point of contention. Also though it has some shock absorption capabilities, it is not as heightened as other options, and some have had issues with knee pain.


  • Unit is designed with a lightweight and flexible build
  • Responsive reaction for quick transitions
  • Outfitted with a lacing system that is snug and offers good support
  • Materials are durable and sturdy so that they can stand up to high-intensity workouts
  • Able to wear straight from the box


  • Some find the support in the heel to be lacking
  • Issues with shock absorption, which may cause knee pain

Final Thoughts

Finding a cross trainer that encompasses comfort, stability, and performance is crucial. There are a lot of different features to consider, but we hope that looking at some of the best cross trainers for women above has helped with any decision-making processes going on out there.

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