Best Cross Training Shoes – Complete Reviews With Comparisons 

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Are you looking for the ideal footwear to help you get in shape through your fitness journey? Most professional athletes use cross training shoes to improve their performance, on and off the pitch, which shows how important it is to have the proper footwear for your morning training or gym sessions. 

There are various cross training shoes available but are you aware of the ones specifically designed for cross training? This review narrows down six of the best cross training shoes. Apart from their effectiveness in keeping you fit, you’ll love their design and comfortability. 

Comparison Chart

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New Balance mens 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer, White/Navy, 13 Wide US
415AoCQmlCL. SL500
Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer, Black/White/Gold, 6.5 M US
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NIKE AIR MONARCH IV (4E) (MENS) – 6 Black/Black
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Inov-8 Men’s F-lite 235 V3 – Cross Training and Cardio Shoes – Grey/Gum – 9.5
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Under Armour Men’s Charged Commit Tr 3, Black (001)/White, 7 M US

Best Cross Training Shoes Reviews

New Balance 608 V5 men’s casual comfort cross trainer 

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Our first pick is the New Balance cross trainer footwear that is 100% leather and designed to offer maximum comfort. This new generation of classic trainer footwear keeps you motivated when you move. The 608 V5 shoes help athletes achieve their goals while providing a modern, classy look that gives you confidence throughout the day. New Balance is a brand that aims at improving the well-being of its clients and ensuring they stay magnificent in the outdoors. 

Product Highlights 

The new generation 608 5 men’s footwear features an enhanced ABZORB heel pad that provides premium cushioning for the feet. This pad also has outsole flex grooves that promote superior flexibility. These features make it easy for athletes to comfortably perform vigorous activities such as sprinting or doing squats at the gym. 

This ABZORB heel pad allows for great impact control. The midsole quickly absorbs impact thanks to compression resistance and cushioning. 

The 608 V5 men’s cross trainer shoes have an IMEVA midsole that offers firm and flexible cushioning. In addition, these shoes have an internal midsole shank that adds midfoot structure and support. 

The Good 

New Balance cross trainer footwear is stylish and multipurpose, and ideal for the track or office space. The shoes have an ergonomic design that provides maximum support and a comfortable feel. In addition, the pair offers excellent support to your feet, thanks to its durability feature.

These 608 V5 shoes provide the ideal ankle support for those with ankle problems or injuries. This support is also vital for specific cross trainer movements. In addition, the footwear’s design is specially made to offer all-around protection to the ankles during intense sessions. 

The Bad 

New Balance is a brand known for producing a series of quality footwear such as these fabulous 608 V5 trainers. The main challenge is that the 608 V5 series is inferior in terms of quality compared to previous releases. 


  • 100% comfortable leather 
  • ABZORB midsole that absorbs impact 
  • IMEVA internal midsole for extra support 
  • Ergonomic and stylish design 


  • Inferior quality when compared to the previous footwear series

Reebok Men’s Nano 9 cross trainer

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The Nano 9 cross trainers are a series of well-designed footwear by Crossfitters. These workout shoes have a lightweight design and easily accommodate wider feet, offering more stability. 

Product Highlights 

Reebok cross trainers are 100% fabric in various men’s fits. The shoes offer unmatchable stability for heavy lifts. In addition, the Nano 9 cross trainers have a rubber sole that provides maximum heel comfort and enhances durability. 

These trainers feature a shaft that measures approximately low-top from the arch. Furthermore, they have a stiff outsole for added stability and a breathable rubber outsole for maintaining maximum grip during heavy lifts. 

A new flex weave upper with a figure-eight construction improves flexibility, breathability, and durability. Below is a minimal drop outsole that secures your footing during intense sessions. 

Nano 9 trainers have a low-cut design that generates a natural feel and promotes ankle mobility. They also have a new additional cushioning on the forefoot for running and comfort. In addition, the shoes have a strong foundation and RopePro tech for generating more excellent traction during rope climbs. 

You’ll love the lace strap that locks down the midfoot and ensures everything is positioned correctly. These are some of the features that make the Reebok Nano 9 cross trainers a favorite pick for most elite athletes. 

The Good 

The Nano 9 trainers can easily withstand all training workouts that feature diverse movements. These pairs are engineered to move you and support each step by keeping you comfortable throughout. 

You’ll also love the versatility these trainers bring. The quality material rubber sole makes them the ideal option for almost any activity. So feel free to wear them as you go to the gym or cycle around your favorite block. 

The Bad 

The main benefit of having the Reebok Nano 9 trainers is that they are versatile and ideal for almost any trail. However, as much as this is an added advantage, they are not the best option for athletes who focus on a particular major since these professionals need trainers with a tighter fit. 


  • Highly versatile 
  • Improved breathability, durability, and flexibility 
  • Rubber midsole protection wrap 
  • Low-cut design for ankle mobility 
  • Greater traction 


  • Not the best option for professional athletes 

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer 

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These are suitable options if you’re looking for ideal trainers to keep you comfortable. The Nike Air Monarch features a durable leather upper that provides extra comfort and support. These sneakers are also stylish, thanks to their modern design. 

Product Highlights 

The Air Monarchs have durable leather on top that features perforation that ensures maximum airflow. A lightweight foam midsole is also present for cushioned comfort and long-lasting support. This midsole is full-length encapsulated and cushions every stride. 

These shoes have a rubber outsole that promotes not only maximum durability but also provides excellent traction. The trainers also have a shaft that measures approximately low-top from the arch. 

Furthermore, the Nike Air Monarchs have a classic look and are easy to pair with other active wear such as track pants and gym wear. Looking good during workouts gives you that extra confidence you need to perform optimally. 

The Good 

The durable leather top ensures you enjoy comfortable training sessions and the needed support. This leather material is also durable, provided you take good care of it. Wiping the shoes with a wet cloth after every use is recommended. 

There are perforations available on the leather top to eliminate odor. In addition, this property keeps your feet well-aerated throughout the day. 

Nano 9 sneakers also promote ankle mobility. This means they are ideal for those experiencing ankle pain who want to exercise or gradually return to their previous shape. 

The Bad 

The Nike Air Monarchs might seem like the ideal trainers, but the shoes produce a squeaking sound. This sound can be distracting during training or as you meditate in a peaceful environment. In addition, the noise they make can be loud depending on the surface you are treading on. 


  • Leather and synthetic for extra comfort 
  • Perforated leather upper 
  • Durable and lightweight 
  • Highly versatile 


  • Produces squeaking sounds that can be distracting

Inov-8 Men’s F-lite 235 V3 Trainers 

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The Inov-8 F-lite trainers are well-designed footwear dedicated to helping committed runners and training athletes to get in shape and stretch their limits. This brand is known for consistently producing innovative footwear and apparel that are environment friendly, and this is the case for these Inov-8 Men’s trainers. 

Product Highlights 

Inov-8 trainers feature a barefoot feel generated by the thin sole and low drop from heel to toe. This property gives you a natural feel, and the META-FLEX feature encourages natural foot movement. Furthermore, the shoe is lightweight, meaning minimal encumbrance during cross training sessions. 

The midsole has a POWERFLOW+ midsole technology that offers better shock absorption and better energy return. Combine this technology with the lightweight property, and you get the ideal ease of movement footwear. 

In addition, the trainers guarantee your feet’s safety thanks to the various protective technologies incorporated. For instance, the ROPETEC and reinforced toe bumpers ensure maximum protection during intense gym sessions. 

Other excellent properties include the minimally constructed but durable upper with protective overlays that make the trainers comfortable and breathable. In addition, there is the Dynamic Fascia Band feature that gives the shoes a super-natural feel. 

The Good 

The Inov-8 trainers are specially designed to give you a natural feel, allow you to move freely, train efficiently, and feel comfortable. Furthermore, these durable shoes protect your feet thanks to the ROPEC technology. They are also lightweight and ideal for various activities apart from training in the gym. 

Different specifications on these trainers give them added advantages over others, such as the POWERFLOW+. This property makes the shoe ideal for extreme activities and rough terrains. 

The Bad 

The main drawback about these trainers is that they are narrower in the heel and toe box, making them stiff. They might not be described as the ideal cross training shoes since these properties are for running footwear. 


  • Lightweight and barefoot 
  • Ease of movement 
  • Comfort and protection 
  • META FLEX technology 


  • Narrowed heel and toe box 

Under Armour Men’s Charged Commit Tr 3 Cross Trainer 

313gH1lNYlL. SL500

These are among the best options available if you’re looking for footwear designed for severe and vigorous training. The leather top keeps feet stable, and its flexible groove allows ease of movement. Apart from that, they offer unmatchable comfort and a natural feel. 

Product Highlights 

The unique feature is available on the Charged Cushioning for maximum impact absorption. This charged cushioning property is incorporated in the midsole for effective impact absorption and converts it into a responsive burst. These trainers also have an upper surface made from lightweight mesh that promotes breathability. 

You will also get better stability from the heel counter hugs. In addition, these shoes feature a leather midfoot saddle that gives the feet a natural feel and comfortable support. The traction of these sneakers is also greatly enhanced using the flex grooves that are strategically placed on the outer rubber sole.

Furthermore, there is a cushioned sock liner that molds to your feet, eliminating slippage and providing the perfect underfoot comfort. 

The Good 

The standard yet practical shoe tie lace secures the shoes tightly to the feet. This feature allows you to have effective workouts. Another advantage of having these trainers is they are versatile; they are perfect for the gym, running, cycling, sprinting, and many other outdoor activities. 

Under Armour trainers have a competitive advantage over their peers in the shock-absorbing property. This property absorbs the impact generated from intense movements and converts it into a responsive burst. 

The Bad 

One feature Under Amour needs to improve on these trainers is ankle mobility. The cross training shoes do not offer the ideal ankle support for those sensitive or injured in these areas. They look nice and fit perfectly, but these shoes do not guarantee maximum ankle comfort. 


  • Complete breathability 
  • Eliminates slippage and provides underfoot comfort 
  • Absorbs impact and converts it into a responsive burst 
  • Flex grooves available 


  • Does not offer the ideal ankle support for injured or sensitive individuals 

Buyers Guide 

As much as there are lots of cross trainer shoes available in the market, not all options can effectively help you during cross training. Furthermore, there is also no specific footwear perfect for everyone. However, there are several factors to look out for when shopping for your ideal cross training shoes. Below is a complete buyer’s guide to help you narrow down the vast footwear options to a pair that will transform your cross training experience. 

Key Feature #1: Material and Construction 

The first aspect to consider when finding the ideal cross training shoes is their material and construction. Most footwear is divided into three major parts: the insole, outsole, and midsole. The insole is the section that comes into contact with the feet when inside the shoe; the outsole is what directly touches the ground. Finally, the midsole is responsible for cushioning and keeping your feet comfortable. 

It is essential to consider the specific user needs while picking the ideal option. For instance, those looking for a pair for the gym or weight lifting competition need shoes with a flatter outsole. However, suppose you’re seeking to participate in quick-motion activities such as sprinting. In that case, find shoes with an outsole that offers a superior grip and is made from durable material such as carbon rubber.

The outsole is responsible for function and performance to understand the concept better. If you’re seeking stability and performance, getting a pair with rubber outsoles is best, often referred to as TPU in the product specifications. 

The midsole offers comfort and if that is your priority, get one that has a thicker midsole. The outer construction, the outsole, determines the shoe’s durability and breathability. There are different variations for this section, and there is no one-size-fits-all construction. 

Key Feature #2: Fit and Support 

It is always vital to get a shoe that fits perfectly and accommodates your feet, no matter the type. A quick way to determine if a shoe fit is ideal for your legs is to check the shoe’s prospective width. There are several ways to test if footwear fits, such as checking the outsole, then comparing it to the forefoot and midfoot. 

You can choose to either get slimmer or wider shoes. Narrower shoes are ideal for athletes and have a more significant difference between the outsole, mid-foot, and forefoot, while wider shoes have a minor difference. 

Another vital factor to consider is heel support, which is responsible for stability and comfort. It is an essential factor for athletes who prefer stable shoes that offer support when lifting weights. The best way to get the best support is to get a shoe that strikes the right balance between comfort and stability. 

Some features of stable heel footwear are TPU layers, extended rubber outsoles, heel cups, and clips. The attributes of shoes with comfortable heels include thicker foam midsoles, lower heel cups, and bootie heel design. 

Key Feature #3: Traction 

Studies show that athletes who wear shoes with enough traction can complete races or training sessions with minimal effort and perform better. This indicates that footwear with a suitable outsole that provides adequate traction helps athletes perform high-traction exercises such as accelerations and instant change of direction. 

There are various tread designs to consider and options that offer a good balance between fitness and quality. Most, if not all, of these options, feature a reasonable amount of textual, making them ideal for cross training. The ideal racing footwear is low-profile and lightweight. This means a ‘flat’ option is better than a sophisticated one during training sessions. 

Therefore, picking a shoe that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and performance while still offering enough traction is essential. In addition, cross training sessions can be long and intense; get a quality shoe that can withstand vigorous activities. 

Key Feature #4: Price 

There is a massive variation in the price of various footwear, even if they are in the same shoe category. The variation is brought about by the different features, qualities, and attributes that these shoes possess. Price is a common determinant for most people; however, it is best to pick the right option based on features, durability, and comfort. 

The price of cross training shoes mainly depends on the brand and technology incorporated. It is, however, better to spend more and get a quality pair of versatile trainers that will last you longer than getting a cheaper option that might not prove effective.  

Key Feature #5: Brands 

Research has shown that the brand is a crucial factor consumers consider before purchasing a product, in this case, cross training shoes. This is because there are so many different brands out there, and one of the ways to narrow down these options is by considering the shoe brand. The thing about these brands is that they have their rankings, and those at the top brands have created a name for themselves. 

Getting your trainers from a reputable company is vital since you’re guaranteed total value for your money. Another benefit is that these big brands have other accessories and attires that match or complement cross training shoes. For instance, you might find cross trainer shoes compatible with a smartwatch that keeps track of the distance covered and other important analytics. 

Consumers want comfort and a trustworthy brand brings peace of mind. In addition, these companies are confident in their products and it is common to find some offering money-back guarantees and other unique compensation packages to unsatisfied consumers. 


Question 1: What are cross training shoes best for? 

Cross training shoes are ideal for several activities thanks to the great cushioning that makes them suitable for running and other sports. Take, for instance, volleyball, a game that requires stability while doing various lateral movements. These shoes are best for this and other activities; they are versatile trainers for exercising, running, cycling, gym sessions, etc. 

Question 2: What is the difference between cross training and running shoes? 

The main difference is their purpose; running shoes are best for running, while cross training pairs are made for multiple uses. This means various variations in their specifications, such as the sole; running shoe soles offer less traction than cross trainers. Running sneakers are also lighter compared to cross training options. 

Question 3: Do cross training shoes make a difference? 

Yes. These trainers positively affect the performance of various athletes because of their multiple specifications, such as cushioning. In addition, cross trainers are more protective and supportive, meaning they keep the feet comfortable during intense sessions. 

Question 4: How are cross training shoes supposed to fit? 

The ideal cross training pair fits perfectly; it doesn’t bite the top of the feet, and the ankle height is correct (not too high or too low). One good way to test it out is to conduct a few jumping jacks or make lateral movements to ensure they cause no irritations. 


Cross training shoes are a must-have accessory for any professional athlete who wants to up their game. Unfortunately, many different trainers are out there, and finding the ideal option is tricky. This review comprehensively highlights the correct buying guide and the best cross training shoes to consider. So, get yourself a pair today and enjoy maximum comfort and stability. 

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